Helping Women Founders overcome operational barriers preventing successful launches and massive growth.

Women To Done (W2D) helps you prioritize, plan and resolve your biggest operational pain points, using Agile Frameworks and No or Low Code tools. All in 3 weeks.

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Who do we support?

We wish we had the resources to accommodate every Founder, from all walks of life and mission. Unfortunately, as that is not the case, we have chosen to exclusively serve women entrepreneurs tackling some of society's biggest problems. If the below describes you and your business, please consider joining us.

You Are A Woman

You Are Operating Solo OR with a Small Team (3 Members or Less)

You Are An Early Stage Founder

Your Business Is Socially Impactful

You Are Bootstrapping Your Business


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How does the program work?

Women To Done (W2D) is a coaching and accountability program based on short, time-boxed periods, or “sprints”, commonly used by Agile Development teams. During the program, Founders are asked to narrow their focus to the most pressing matters impacting their business, create a plan of action for addressing those issues and execute based on that strategy to get to "DONE". All in a 21-day period or sprint. All with the support of an Agile Coach and the members of their cohort. See the three phases of the sprint below.

PLANNING (Days 1 - 3)

Start the sprint by identifying issues and determining which ones you will focus on in the coming weeks. By day three, you should have an approach for completing that scope of work.

EXECUTION (Days 4 - 18)

Implement the strategies you indicated during PLANNING. You will have an Agile Coach and fellow sprint participants to engage with and learn from during this time.

INSPECT (Day 19 - 21)

You have completed your tasks and made it to "DONE". Now, track the progress of your work and, as applicable, iterate further.

Sprint Program Features.


Core to the Sprint Program are three, 1-on-1 coaching sessions between the Founder and the Agile Coach. These sessions are meant to welcome the Founder to the program and guide her through the Sprint phases.


Many solo entrepreneurs miss out on having an objective sounding board. The network you are a part of will become that for you and your business. In this program, feedback is not optional.


Do more with less. No-code tools can and should play a part in your solutioning - all at a fraction of the cost of custom, engineered work flows.

What Founders Are Saying

Hear what these Women To Done Participants had to say.

"Women To Done is amazing! Every Founder needs a program like this one."

Day Edwards
Founder of Church Space

"This program gave me the nudge I needed to tackle many of the items on my company's to do list. I recommend it."

Cyrina Thomas
Owner of Precious Plastics Cincy

"Loved this program! It was great for identifying ways I could automate my company's existing workflows"

Ruka Osoba
Founder of Launchmark

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, not mentioned below, please be sure to include them when submitting your registration form.

A: No more than 7 founders will be in your network. Founders are matched according to their areas of focus (i.e. what they would like to work on in a given sprint) and schedule.

A: We strongly suggest that, in order to get the full benefit of the platform and network, you attend 100% of the scheduled events. With that said, we understand that conflicts may occur. When that happens, you will be asked to provide your status updates in writing to your network.

A: We ask that you consider your availability prior to committing to a sprint. These sprints are ongoing and you can always participate in a future iteration. With that said, you can decide not to participate in the program at anytime during the sprint.

A: Starting March 26, 2021, the program fee will be $149 USD for solo founders and $399 USD for founders and their teams.

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